The beautiful game

By Vitor S.

D.C United stadium with balls

The Story Behind The Beautiful Game

Soccer is the most beautiful game to ever be played. Pele an old brasilian soccer legend published his auto biography named "My life and the beautiful game", and since then it has been entered into the soccer world. It doesnt matter if you are enemies but the beautiful game always finds a way to bring you closer. For example, in the FIFA world cup of 2018 there was a game between Portugal and Uraguay. Two Soccer stars play for either team, one of them is Cristiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani. There was always "Beef" between both players but what happened on this day changed so much. Cavani got injured by a teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo him self walked Cavani off the field.


Cristiano Ronaldo Walks Edison Cavani After pulled Ham String injury.