Turtles are very cool animals. They have a hard shell that can protect them from predators. They usually lay there eggs in the sand near the water so they can make their way to the ocean after they hatch. Even though it sounds like an easy journey to the ocean its actually much harder for the animals to get there. Birds can come and snatch the baby turtles and take them to their nest and eat them. Turtles are a reptile which means they have scales on their body. They are the oldest specie of a reptile, they are 220 millions years old as a specie.

Turtles Need You

Turtles are very capable to be injured because they are not very smart. They can get caught in plastic and eat the plastic. They are declared as an endangered species because they are not many of them in the world and they are slowly going down in the number of turtles that are living.

By: Jakob S., Leo T. and Christian D.