By Samantha O. and Ryan P

Riverdale (Mystery): Riverdale aired on January 26,2017 on the CW. The show is mainly about solving the mystery of who killed Jason Blossom.The show takes place in Riverdale where Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones,the Blossom’s and Veronica Lodge live. On July 4th Jason Blossom goes missing at Sweetwater river. Who killed him? Was it a Lodge or his very own family…?

Stranger Things (Science Fiction): Stranger Things is inspired by a time when tales of science fiction captivated audiences. It takes place it Hawkins, Indiana in 1983.The show is about a boy named Will Byers, that goes missing one night.A terrifying investigation launches, and many secrets are discovered during the search for him. The show was released on July 15th, 2016.

Fuller House (sitcom): In a spinoff of full house, D.J. Fuller is a mother to 3 young boys and a recent widow. D.J’s sister Stephanie, and her best friend Kimmy Gibbler all move in to help D.J raise her family. There is now a house that is a lot fuller!

The Good Place (comedy):Eleanor Shellstrop dies, she finds herself in the after life. She is happy and relieved to be there. It doesn’t take long for to realize that she’s not supposed to be there. With the help of Chidi and a few frenemies she becomes determined to shed her old ways of life in hopes of discovering a new one in the after life. The network is NBC.

One Tree Hill (Drama): is about a group of teens in tree hill with a rivalry between two half brothers who compete for positions on their school basketball team. Lucas Scott is a moody rebel. Nathan Scott is a privileged preppy. Luke grew up poor, on the outskirts of town. Now two half brothers are basketball teammates and sometime rivals for the same girl. And they’re about to face off for the first time, on the court and off. One thing's for sure, their lives, and the lives of everyone around them will never be the same.

Friends (Sitcom):

A Comedy Series based in Manhattan about 6 young friends, in the struggle to find success and happiness in life, but it is never that straight forward, is it?

Rachel Green - A popular schoolgirl of the past, is now a spoiled brat living off her father's finance.

Monica Geller - A compulsive neat freak. Monica was teased when she was in high school for being overweight. However, now a head-chef at a top restaurant in Manhattan, she has lost all her excessive weight, and just wants to start a family with 'the right guy' to complete a happy life.

Ross Geller - Older Brother of Monica, he has always had strong love feelings for Rachel. A successful professor of science leads him to be often teased by the other 5 friends about his profession. Ross has experienced many misfortunes in life, including 3 divorces.

Phoebe Buffay - Brought up as a fatherless child, Phoebe is a ditzy yet loveable hippy, who has become a personal masseuse.

Chandler Bing - A financially secure data processor, who relies on humor as a defense mechanism, and Chandler is a wimpy, average looking cigarette addict, who has never had a serious relationship.

Joey Tribbiani - Joey is a small time actor, who desperately wants fame and fortune,. Despite being a relatively bad actor, Joey is an adorable, sensitive guy, who is very successful with women, but needs to become famous and rich to complete his successful life.