Minecraft Web Coding RRS

By:Rebecca F. Silvana D. Rachel P.

This is a photo that me and my friends 
   We made it out of diamonds, gold and many other blocks This os a photo that i took in the
   ocean at sun rice
   in minecraft

Minecraft has lots of interesting things. There are also two types of modes that you can choose from, either creative or survival. The difference between these two is pretty big. In creative mode, you can have anything you want and you also can’t die. But in survival mode, on the other hand, you can die “easily”, and you need to work to get stuff. In my opinion (Rebecca) and my friend (Silvana), we prefer to play on survival. But my other friend Rachel prefers to play on creative. She likes to play on creative because she likes to build and not be interrupted by dying. I (Rebecca) and my other friend Silvana, think it’s boring because then you never have a motive to play and actually build stuff. But both of them are amazing. If you are a beginner we would recommend you to play on creative first so you can adapt and all. Then, once you are a little more experienced you can play on survival. But in the end,it’s all up to you

Another fun thing is that you can play with your friends. Everybody can join the same world as you, if you want to, of course. As you can see in the picture, I and my other two friends always play in the same world. It's very fun. We help each other if we need it, we all have our own rooms. My friend Silvana made the buildings and she was the one who decorated my room, but usually my other friend Rachel is the one who does the decoration. I (Rebecca) sometimes do a little bit of both but while I sit down and relax, they do all the work.

Minecraft is a world made out of blocks. Everything there is a block. There are diamonds, emeralds, and all other sorts of blocks, for example the world that we live in today. Even the animals are closely shaped like blocks.