Desktops vs Laptops

By Colin D, Romando J, Nick B

Desktops have a bigger screen than laptops and are much faster. Laptops have a little screen and are slower. You can have more Frames Per Second on desktops. Laptops are very useful. They can be unplugged from an external power source, and taken with you. Typically, they take up less space and don't require you to purchase a separate monitor. Laptops already have a mouse on the laptop. It's called the trackpad. The laptop was not IBM compatible until 1986. The first laptop was introduced in 1984 and it weighed 3.8lbs. The most preferred laptops are the one that comes with 500 GB Hard Disk, 4 GB RAM , 2 GB Graphic Card, 15 inch screen size according to research. A company named Earthtech invented a solar charger for the laptop.


Desktops have plenty of positives on their side, as well. Typically, desktops offer more power and expandability at a lower cost. They're also easier to upgrade, repair, and customize, which is why they often remain the choice for serious gamers. They also tend to come with better speakers, more peripheral options, and larger keyboards. Desktop cost more than laptops and have more space than a laptop. You can play a game on a desktop because desktops have more FPS. Also, they are way more portable, and can travel with you on planes.