Illustration by Alyssa A. and Crystal L.

ICT Essentials - Web Projects - 2018-2019


Period 5

Ariana by Ariana M.

Food We Love by Aviv F. and Luke C.

Video Games That I Like to Play by Bruno D.

Food I Love by Davide G. and Jason H.

The Beautiful Game by Enzo P.

Different Kinds of Cakes by Gregory M. and Jedediah M.

Humans Need Safety to Live by Jaiden C. and Jack R.

Memes by James B.

Apex Legends Characters by Jayden J. and Avinash G.

Cookies I Like by Jordan T.

People Playing the Beautiful Game by Joshua R.

How to Wake Up Early by Keira S.

Greek God Zeus by Laura and Mariia

Variety of Dogs by Lizeth E.

Why Minecraft is Better Than Roblox by Logan L. and Kevin R.

Hybrid Cars by Marko V.

Help Prevent Diseases by Max B. and Julian B.

Massachusetts by Nate and Lucas

Positive Minds by Nihira K.

Fortnite by Nikita G. and Brandon V.

Sophia's and Hailey's Friendship by Sophia M. and Hailey M.

Cat Fails! by William B.

Period 6

The History of Chocolate by Alan T.

Cars by Alando T.

Cars by Alex

NFL teams by Alex Z. and Jake W.

Thanos's Great Plan by Anton M. and Navah H.

How Computers are Very Productive and Will be Needed in the Future by Brandon M.

Movie Snacks and Drinks by Cayden M. and Gabby M.

Football is the Best by Cruise C. and Nick L.

How to Be a Furry by Elena G. and Chanell M.

Basketball by Hashmat S. and Kaleb A.

Basketball by Israel B. and Devin K.

Pranks by Jackson P.

Super Bowl by Lorenzo V.

Pugs by Natalia V. and Mikaila T.

Top Ten Candies by Neha M. and Luize P.

How to Make a Cake with 7 Easy Steps! by Rowan N.

Reptile by Sam P.

Culinary by Sara C.

Top Ten Ice Cream Flavors by Sareen A. and Thiago R.

Cats vs. Dogs by Victoria M. and Hadley P.