Illustration by Crystal L.

These are the Fantastic Voyages of Middle School, as seen through the eyes of Mr. Goldstein's technology students here at Omni.

ICT Essentials - First web pages

Fundamentals of Web and Software Development:

Single-Page Websites

Wolf Run Cycle by Emily T.

It's Not the Destination, It's the Journal by Valeria A.

The Pointless Button by Andrew M.

Cool Rubik's Cubes by Thomas S. and Esteban S.

Swimming by Olivia L.

Why Soccer is the Best Sport by Maria M.

Volleyball by Lianna H. and Natali D.

Anti-Bullying by Thiago A.

How to be a Kardashian by Hannah G. and Haylie T.

Nutella by Emilia L. and Jillian P.

Lebron James is the best basketball player in the world, by Soren F.

Anti-Bullying by Ryan P. and Samantha O.

Shopping is our Cardio by Malori D. and Susie S.

Dogs by Shera N. and K'Ameronn J.

Animals by Emily G. and Krystal X.

The Spider Goat by Gabriella B. and Mateo O.

Dogs by Baruch S.

Hockey by Barry K. and Alexander E.

Frogs by Alessandro V. and David S.

HTML Images by Tiffany R.

The Hyperloop by Romeo G. and Jayden S.

The Royal Maze by Twisha K.

Bullying Sucks by Gavin M., Sofie T. and Bryn F.

Supercell by Brandon P.

Video Games by Tyler P.

Jordan's artwork

Barcelona by Michelle E. and Eliel E.

Food by Chelsea F. and Martina J.

World War 2 by Nicholas A.

Dogs by Christian D.

Dogs by Jakob S. and Leo T.

Pizza by Angelica J. and Channa L.

Mattresses by Isaac T.

The History of Football by Davonte T., Tamara B. and Isabel A.

This is Team Gaming by Jake E., Anthony F. and James M.

Basketball's Greatest! by Oliver K. and Ava C.

World War I - Causes and Information by Nathaniel H.

The Basics of Basketball by Enis B. and Alex R.

Muscle Cars, JDMS, Sport Cars, Rally Cars and More by Alex C., Kevin S. and Stephen F.

The Vampire Diaries by Valyncia S. and Yesenia C.

What This Is by Logan L.

The Flash by Dayadevee J. and Jenna S.

We All Love Food by Jean Paul L. and Bianca O.

The History of Nintendo by Michael B.

Basic Things About Football by Arshvir P.

Games That I Like by Reagan K.

The Ferrari by Matthew T.

YouTubers by Andrew G., Ryan W. and Vinnie K.

Fishing by Emilio C., Joao A. and Matthew B.

Hair by Tatyana Q., Sarah D. and Aliyah R.

How well do you know your YouTuber?

All About Tuners and their Cars by Andrew S. by Aidan V.

The history of Super Mario by Jose P., Tyler P. and Chelsea F.

The Random Button by Ryan W.

Multi-Page Websites

Boxes by Jordan K.

Our Galaxy by Garo V. and Dylan D.

Teen Fashion by Olivia R., Maria M., Lianna H.

Computer Engineering by Steven C. and Jason D.

Graphic Design by Thomas S. and Esteban S.

Fishing by Joao A., Matthew B. and Emilio C.

Animation by Andrew G. and Vinnie K.

Our Dogs by Jillian P., Brandon P. and Emilia L

Pretty Little Liars by Natali D. and Martina J.

Stranger Things by Thiago A.

The NBA by Ryan W. and Soren F.

Ark Dinos! By Ryan F.

Hypercars by Matthew T.

Happiness by Emily G. and Krystal X.

Miley Cyrus by Isabel A., Davonte T., and Tamara B.

Guitars by Garo V. and Dylan D.

Make-Up by Haylie T. and Jordan W.

Stranger Things by Bryn F., Sofie T. and Gavin M.

Ark Dinos! By Ryan F.

Soccer by Michelle E. and Eliel E.

Star Wars by Dayadevee J., Jenna S. and Shera N.

Netflix by Ryan P. and Samantha O.

Turtles by Jakob S., Leo T. and Christian D.

Video Games by Alessandro V., Arshvir P. and David S.

Folklore by Jordan K.

Mythology by Nathaniel H.

Clemson football by K'Ameronn J.

Constellations by Gabriella B. and Mateo O.

Map Facts by Nicholas A. -- A Work in Progress

How to Type Faster by Baruch S., Jayden S., Romeo G.

How to Make a Gingerbread House by Tiffany R., Angelica J. and Channa L.

Gallery of My Animations by Logan L.

Save the Animals by Reagan K.

The Tech Wizard by Hannah G., Susie S., and Malori D.

Basketball by Oliver K.

Sports Cars for Fun by Alex C., Kevin S. and Stephen F.

Caribbean Foods by Valyncia S. and Yesenia C.

Suidide Awareness by Isabel S. and Layla L.

Cars by Enis B. and Alex R.

Singers by Tatyana Q. and Sarah D.

Spring Projects

Responsive Design websites

The Space Race by Nicholas A. and Nathaniel H. (in progress)

First Ten Steps for mobile web project

Spring web projects

Pixel Racing by Logan L>