Cool Rubik's Cubes


1. Mirror Cubez
2. Gem Cube
3. Skewb
4. Square-1
5. Void Cube
6. 13x13 Rubik's Cube
7. Ghost Cube
8. Z Penrose 3x3
9. Gear Cube
10. Dino Cube

The Mirror Cube

Mirror Cubes are cubes that have mirror on their sides, and they differ in shape. This cube is cool/interesting because it can shape shift. What does that mean? It means its pieces can go out of the regular cube formation. Here is a picture when it is scrambled:

a cube that has mirrors for sides that is not in a square and has uneven pieces coming out

The Gem Cube

The Dayan Gem Cube 6 is a cube that has 30 sides (a triacontagon) and is an extremely huge puzzle. This puzzle is very hard to solve and should take more than an hour to solve. It has approximly 3 steps to solve but the cube is hard to twist around.
Here is a picture:

a huge rubiks cube shaped as a triacontagon or a pentagon with 30 sides

The Skewb

This puzzle is interesting because it is the size of a normal Rubik's Cube but it turns very diffrently. It can only move diagonal instead of up and down like a normal Rubik's Cube.
Here's a picture:

a rubiks cube with diamonds in the middle and small triangles on the corners


The square-1 is a Rubik's Cube with no even pieces on each side. It's like the mirror cube except there are actual colors instead of a full mirror!
The picture states it all:

theres a line in the middle with a small rectangle on the top and the bottom of the middle line, on the corners there are just cubes

The Void Cube

The Void Cube is a Rubik's Cube that has round corners. It has a hole in the middle so its interesting to see no mechanism inside the hole that this Rubik's Cube has. It has a diffrent color scheme than the others.
Here is a picture:

a rubiks cube with a hole in the middle on every single side

The 13x13 Puzzle

The 13x13, well you guess it, is a Rubik's Cube that has a 13x13 grid and it is pretty huge. If you break this cube and don't know how to fix it is gonna be $298.99 for a new one.
Here is a picture:

The Ghost Cube

The Ghost Cube is a cube that has uneven pieces on every single side. This is interesting because it makes it more complicated to solve because the sides are not in the same shape.
Here is a picture:

a puzzle that looks like a mirror cube but it has way more diffrent pieces

The Z Penrose 3x3

This 3x3 is no normal 3x3; it has a curved side instead of it just being a square. This is interesting because it looks cooler and more interesting.
Here is a picture:

The Gear Cube

The Gear Cube is an interesting idea - when you move a piece, the whole entire cube turns that way.
Here's a picture:

A puzzle shaped as a cube with pieces that are shaped as gears

The Dino Cube

The Dino Cube is made only with triangles compacted in a cube shape. It is interesting because it turns like a Skewb.

A cube that has triangles as its pieces in a cube like shape