Shopping is our Cardio

By Malori D. and Susie S.

Exercise can be boring, but when shopping is incorporated exercising doesn’t have to be a drag! For instance, going for a jog isn’t very intriguing, but when you walk around the variety of stores, it’s as almost as if the feeling of exercise drifts away. Have you ever calculated how much a coupon has an influence on your total? Well, shopping incorporates mathematics as well. You can’t just be anyone to be a superb shopper!

Shopping can encounter real world situations. When you are going from store to store, it’s very exhilarating to see all the different intriguing price points. Shopping can teach you all different life skills such as, concept of time management, communication skills, being well aware of your surroundings, and decision making. So next time you shop, think of all the different skills you are picking up on your journey!

Shopping. Shopping cart full of money.