Swimming, logically speaking, is the best sport. It burns the most calories and is the easiest on muscles and joints. And according to Dr pekka okja and the scientists at the UKK, swimming decreases your chance of death from heart disease by 41%, and death from all causes by 29% Besides the physical and life prolonging benefits, swimming can be an individual or a team sport. Meaning, it instills teamwork and personal responsibility in kids as soon as they are able to swim. If you live in tropical areas such as Florida, There’s a good chance you have a pool at your disposal and it can be a great way to cool off. If not, chances are there’s a YMCA or indoor swimming pool in your town.

Now, you might be thinking, “There’s no way a sport can be perfect.” And you'd be right. There are cons of swimming. It can be difficult and injuries/accidents, though uncommon, can occur. But, according to a study by the University Of Ohio, theres less risk of injury in swimming than basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, wrestling and gymnastics. So, with such a relatively miniscule risk compared to the lifelong ability and skill you can gain, swimming is definitely worth your time.