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About World War Two
  • World War Two began in September 2nd, 1939, when Germany, under NAZI rule, invaded Poland
    leading Britain and France no option but to declare war on the third Reich.

  • The country that received the most casualties in the war was the Soviet Union, 20 million died.

  • Germany was known to have an unvincible army, this was part to blame for their blitzrieg strategy,
    fast and strong attacks on military airports and bases, followed by troops to secure the area.

  • World War Two did not only occur in Europe, Africa and Asia were also very important battlefields,
    China also lost an estimated 20 million people against the fascist Imperialist Japan.

  • The War also saw the fall of power in Europe, Great Britain lost many colonies, Germany was full of debt
    , two other countries emerged as Superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union.

  • Japan was the only country to be a victim of the nuclear bomb, developed by the United States
    the bomb was originally intended for Germany, but since they had surrendered, it was dropped on
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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  • Many say World War Two was just a continuation of World War 1, if so than the simple killing
    of an Arch Duke, ended killing up to 100 million people and was the cause for every war we had since then.