World War 1 Causes and Information

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World War 1 was mostly centered in Europe and began in July 1914 and ended in November 1918. World War 1 involved all the central powers of the world. Tension in the southeast region of Europe before World War 1. Kaiser Wilhelm secretly gave Austria-Hungary the assurance of Germany's help. The Siberian government was convinced that Austria was readying for war and sent the Siberian army to mobilize. In August 1914, the German army crossed the border and went to war with Belgium. In Semptember 1914, the French and British army were invading the German army. The Russian army invaded the German regions of Poland and Prussia. Since Russia allied with France the Russian army created a huge war machine to mobilize quickly to the east. In 1914 to 1916, the Russian army mounted several offensives on the eastern front. The U.S. tried to stay neutral, however, that was difficult to maintain because of Germany's submarine aggression against ships. British troops combated the Ottoman turks in northern Italy. The Austrian and Italian army faced off in 12 battles. In January 1915, British ships were going to unleash a surprise attack on German ships in the north. The war ended with three treaty's called the Paris Peace Conference, Treaty of Versilles, and the Fourteen Points speech.


The first cause of war was the assassanation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife. June 1914, a terroristgroup called The Black Hand sent assasins to kill Archduke Franz and his wife. Another cause of war are the alliances other countries made to protect themselves from another country. A third cause of war was imperialism of other countries. Britain had their empire extend over five continents and France controlled large areas of Africa. What imperialism means is when a country takes over or conquors new land to subject their rule. Another cause of war is militarism. Militarism is when an army or military forces are given high proflies by their government. Britian and Germany were competing for total control of the sea. One other cause of war is nationalism. Nationalism means being a strong supporter of the rights and interests of another country. The last cause of war were the crises like the Moroccan and Bosnian.

The Moroccan crisis was when Morocco had been given to France by Britian ,but the people in Morocco wanted to declare their independence. Germany helped Morocco declare independence. Germans were protesting against France for possession of Morocco. Britain supported France and Germany backed down for a part of French congo. The Bosnian crisis happened when Austria-Hungary took over the province of Bosnia. Siberia got angry at Austria because they thought the province should be theirs. Siberia threatened Austria to go to war. The war ended when Russia backed out.



  1. Triple Entente:Russia, Britain, and France
  2. Anglo-Russian Entente:Britain and Russia
  3. Entente Cordiale:France and Britain

Countries in the war

Reasons why the U.S. joined the war

  1. propaganda
  2. ties to Britain
  3. sinking of ships
  4. German attempts to make Mexico to declare war on the U.S.