Challenge: A picture-perfect trip

The Hyperloop by Romeo G. and Jayden S.

The Hyperloop is the new mean of transportation.Hyperloop was founded in June 2014 in Los Angeles, CA.
The pod would be put in to a sealed tube to tavel free of air resistance or friction conveying people at optimal
or acceleration.
The Hyperloop would travel through a 350-mile route at an average speed of around 600 mph and a top speed
760 mph.
Travel time would be around 35 minutes which is considerably faster than corrent rail or air travel times.
It would cost roughly $6 billion for a passenger-only pod and for a pod that would transport vehicles as well it
would be
an estimated $7.5 billion. The size of the pod would be about 1-mile long holding almost 50 people.

The system can draw power from whichever energy sources are available along the route.
If that means solar and wind, then the entire system is 100% carbon free. Also while modern day fast
transportation needs
throughout the whole track the hyperloop only needs energy for a portion of it. The worker of hyperloop say that
brevity is the number one priority.
They said they have learn many emergency braking techniques and have trained for the worst. In case that a tube leaks or breaks they
know what to do. This wouldn't be likely because the tubes are made of thick strong steel that is very hard to break through or puncture.
So from this information it is safe to say the hyperloop will be a new innovative way of transportation.

hyperloop moving

Build of Hyperloop