The Famous YoJo

Bullying Sucks

By Sofie T., Gavin M., And Bryn F.

Bullying is not okay, People get bullied all the time all over the world. But, if we all work together and collaborate we can start a proccess of slowly getting rid of bullying. Some of these ways that bullying occurs is through out school years but also online! Bullying causes scuicide rates to rise and just depression in general. We can find a way to stop bullying but we need to work together!

Bullying hurts peoples feelings, and thats not ok. If you see bullying stop it, And get some help. These are a couple of websites that show bulling is bad. This character shows kids that bullying is not ok, and tells people how to stop it. , This website shows how bullying has an impact on peoples lives. Cyberbulling is bullying on the internet. This happens to not only teens but younger kids too. This lets bullies bully people not only in real life but online. It occurs on different social medias. Stop it now before it gets too bad. Types of bullying that happens in school are mean comments, verbal abuse, Violence, And many other forms.