The Basics Of Basketball

By: Enis B. & Alex R.

In Basketball there are 30 teams in the most famous league (which is The NBA). There are usually 5 players from each team on the court at a time, the positions are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. Twenty-six of the NBA teams have an official mascot. There are 82 games in the regular season & some special events like The Dunk Contest, the Three-Point Contest, and All-Star game. Then after the 82 games, certain teams go into the playoffs depending on their win record. There are 8 teams allowed in. The teams are chosen depending on their record in the regular season. When you win the NBA finals you get a championship ring and a big celebration with champagne spraying everywhere, and a jacket. Then there is the NBA summer league which is the teams but with only the rookies from the NBA Draft. The sport basketball was created by a man by the name of James Naismith, he was a white Canadian-American. He held a basketball.