the Flash. Close-up of the Flash running, with streaks of light. The Flash running through memories.

In the show THE FLASH, Barry Allen is a forensic scientist at Central City Police Department in New York City. When he was 11-years-old his mother was murdered in front of him by a yellow and red light. His father was blamed for the murder and arrested for life. Barry is then taken in by his best friend Iris West and her dad Joe West(head officer).

Fifteen years later, Barry is struck by lightning which gives him super speed! Later on in the season Barry becomes friends with Katlin, Cisco, and Dr. Wells who work at Star Laboratories who studies his powers and turns him into the superhero The Flash. At the end of season 1 they discover Wells killed Barry's mother but Wells is killed. In Season 2, Barry's dad is out of prison. The show is curently on Season 4.

The Flash's logo. The Flash racing against Zoom. Barry Allen, the Flash.