Everything Hockey

By Barry K. and Alexander E.


Hockey is a game that is played on ice. You use skates, a stick, pads, and a helmet. There are 6 people on the ice (counting the goalie) per team. The key of the game is to work as a team and score goals. Although there are only 6 players on the ice, a whole team is made of about 15 to 20 players. Also, the goal of every team in the season is to win evey game possible to win the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup is one of the biggest trophies in all of sports; it is a big honor to win the Stanley Cup because every player on the team gets their name engraved in the Cup and stays on it forever.

There are 2 blue and 1 red line on the ice, the blue line represents offsides, and if you pass the line before the puck passes it it's and offsides, also the blue lines represent each teams "zone". A zone is the territory of each team. The red line represents the middle of the ice this is where the face-off is at the start of each period.

There are also 4 red "dots" in the "nuetral zone", this is the zone that is from blue line to blue line these are where the face-offs are if there is an offside, and lastly there are the 2 red circles in each teams zone, these circles are where the face-offs are if the goalie "freezes" the puck. When the goalie freezes the puck this is when he covers it and stops play. Or the face-off can happen at those circles if the puck leaves the ice and is out of play. There are also penalties like almost every sport, the penalties in hockey are: tripping, hooking, interference, slashing, cross checking, checking from behind, embellishment, unsportsmanlike conduct, and also bench minors, which are penalties by coaches.


The first puck used in hockey was made in the 1880s and was made of frozen cow dung. Also there are many historic events that occured in hockey, like the miracle on ice. This is when the USA team was playing the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union was the best team in the world and the USA team were all amatuers and they beat the Soviets with a few second left and they made a miracle happen.

Also the best historic thing that happened was when the NHL was founded. It was founded November 22, 1917. There are also many historic things that have happened now in our time, like the Florida Panthers in 2012 making it to the Stanley Cup playoffs for 10 years, and Jaromir Jagr a new player on the Panthers is 47 and is 2nd place behind Wayne Gretzky for the most goals scored of all time.

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