Created by: Channa L. and Angelica J.

picture of pizza with the word pizza written

The history of pizza!

Pizza was created on June, 11 1889 to honor the queen of Italy. In 1830 the world's first pizzaria was created. Most Italians thought of pizza as a peasant meal, but today pizza is enjoyed by everyone, rich or poor. America is is known for their amazing pizzas, as people living in America eat approximantely 350 slices of pizza per second. Pizza is so addicting in the U.S.A that we even have a National Chesse Pizza Day on September fifth!

The evil side of pizza

Although pizza is widely popular, it has made millions obese. The amount of fat in a slice of pizza actually depends on which toppings it has. Frozen pizzas tend to have trans fat which is the most unhealthy kind because it raises your cholesterol level. It can lead to heart damange, or obesity as we said ealier. Now that we have informed you about pizza, you can know how it was created and if you should take that extra slice.