Frog life cycle

By Alessandro V. and David S.

Cycle of a frog's life

The frog's life cycle is very strange. Let's take a look at the first step. When they are born, they are in the water inside an egg that is under water. They are usually left behind by their parents after they are born. Some fish may eat some of the eggs. The second stage of the life cycle is when they turn into tadpoles when they hatch. In the third stage it will grow legs, then the tail starts to shrink. The fourth stage is when they grow arms, get bigger, and the tail disappears completely.

Types of frogs abilities and appearances

There are many species of frogs that have their own special abilities. Frogs are amphibians--that means they can go in water and on earth. Some frogs have special abilities, some can camouflage themselves to protect themselves from predators. Other frogs have poison in their body and if you touch one you can get sick and maybe die. All frogs look different. Some frogs can have patterns and some have one or more colors. No matter what they look like they all are unique in their own ways.

Funny looking frog